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My F.I.T. Method

Are you ready to really live the adventure that is your life?

At its foundation, my approach is based on a biblical model that includes an understanding of the spiritual aspect of humanity. I believe we function best and are our most healthy, courageous, creative and adventurous selves when we have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. After all, God our creator is the One who knows us best and loves us most. His dreams for us are much bigger than ours will ever be and He is absolutely convinced we can achieve them.

For people looking to get healthy physically, emotionally or spiritually, I developed a framework I call Regina’s F.I.T. Method. I use this approach to help you reach your God-given potential.
F.I.T. stands for Fun, Individual, Training and the fundamental method is that coaching:

  1. Must be FUN.
  2. Must be tailored to your INDIVIDUAL goals, physical condition and any other unique challenges.
  3. Must be TRAINING that you can do; training that you can learn from, and that you can implement into your life once the coaching is complete.

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Break Free–Take Flight!


From health and wellness programs to life coaching, I accept your challenge willingly.

I work with you to create your own unique path for success.

Is there a stirring in your heart for change?
Are you longing for a particular dream to come true?
Have you been waiting a long, long time to move forward but don’t know what stops you?

Why don’t you contact me? In an initial 15-minute consultation, you can see if my F.I.T. Method will work in helping you reach your God-inspired potential.



Regina helped me strengthen my core muscles after a neck surgery. She gave me suggestions on many different exercises to do that would not strain my spine, neck or shoulders. The variety helped me not get bored doing the same old thing. In the process of all of this, we also discussed life issues and reinforced our God-centered lives. Regina is a great coach and a wonderful person who cares about your whole person.


Regina created a swim coaching program for my sons to prepare for a competitive summer program. She held a 6-week stroke clinic with them in the spring that yielded wonderful results. We met with her once weekly and by the end of that time, both boys’ swim strokes were greatly improved. They won and went on to compete at the state level. Their confidence was also improved.


Coach Regina was the perfect blend of truth and love. She has a kind, listening ear, which made me feel comfortable working with her. I knew she was praying for our sessions. She brought clear encouragement from God’s word and an eternal perspective to my current struggles. This gave me a paradigm shift which made all the difference in simply feeling weighed down by current circumstances to taking responsibility and action to be the person I want to be.


After thirty years of teaching, my primary goal as a retiree was to join a gym and work with a trainer to improve my over-all health. Regina proved to be such a help to me. Not only was she attentive to my needs but was patient and focused on a plan that would be appropriate for me. She has been flexible and sensitive to my health issues at all times. Through her guidance I’ve learned to pay attention to the cues my body is giving me.

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