… Be strong and courageous.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,

for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

How I Work


My clients include the young and not so young of all races and ethnicities. The healthy and those challenged by fears, medical conditions or injuries.

People usually contact me when they have a specific goal: athletes wanting to be better or stronger, moms who want their kids to swim faster, people with injuries who want more mobility, older people looking for safe exercise and weight loss regimes. Or people who simply want to move beyond the road blocks keeping them from living life fully.


We always start with a plan and a goal—a roadmap of sorts. You set your own goal, deciding where you want to end up, and together we build a plan to reach it.

People come to me who have had serious back surgery or neck surgery. They are discouraged because other people won’t even work with them, but they really want to lose weight or get fit. We talk through their situation. I contact their doctors, ask what is needed and find out how can I help. I have built and implemented programs for a variety of individual conditions, as well as for achieving the goals of corporate groups.


One of the first things I address is how people think. When you work with me, you will find a new way to approach your thoughts and words about yourself. Whenever you come out with a negative comment about yourself, I will stop you and we will talk about seeing you from an entirely new point of view. The stumbling blocks you encounter are simply challenges to be overcome, not flaws in your personality or abilities. You and I, together, will find a way to overcome them. You will push out of your comfort zone and achieve things you may not have even contemplated until now, but you won’t be doing it alone and we never fly blind.


Focus is critical to reaching your target goal. When you are not focused and when you are not paying attention, I bring you back around to get you centered on your plan and then focused on the goal ahead.


Once we create your roadmap, we get started on the fun stuff— getting out there and tackling the challenges. I don’t just teach you technique, but encourage you to see your value and then to focus on your abilities and finish the work. It is fun watching people succeed. At the end of the day, you really will impress yourself!

Programs & Services

Life Coaching

Individualized Coaching

The education and experience I have gained as a coach allows me to help clients break through a variety of life’s barriers. I work with people struggling in their marriages or other relationship challenges. I support people over career obstacles.
My coaching services are for you if you feel blocked in some area of life and are ready to make changes, take action and break free.

Strength Training

Individualized Coaching & Group Programs

Creating individualized sports or recreation programs is one of the things I find most satisfying and fun. It is fun watching you reach a physical activity goal that you chose for yourself-but it’s also fun pushing you out of your comfort zone and seeing you achieve things that you never thought were possible.

Together, we create a plan and program that you are comfortable with and one that will push you out of your comfort zone a bit, but also stay well within the safe and healthy boundaries of your conditions or limitations.

Health and Wellness

Individualized Coaching & Group Programs

For many people there is a gap between wanting to live healthy and be well and the reality of fitting it into everyday life. There are mental and physical health challenges from overeating, not exercising, or simply not being able to break out of unhealthy lifestyles.
I love helping people find the joy in moving and understanding that a healthy lifestyle can really be a fun life. My health and wellness coaching helps you break free and take flight into a new healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss 

Individualized Coaching & Group Programs

My weight loss coaching approach is holistic in that we work for long-term success. This means lifestyle adjustments may be needed in the areas of food and nutrition, physical activity or personal image.

Weight loss can be a very personal challenge so many of my coaching programs are customized to the specific needs and goals of my client. As an active person myself, I work to help people embrace an active lifestyle and some even learn to love it!


“Regina, is a hard working motivator. She helped me with my weight loss after I had my surgery. She holds you accountable to your workouts and what you do at home. She is always just a phone call away when you need a pick me up or just when you need to talk during the day if you are struggling to stay on track.”      Karly

Post Surgery Weight Loss Support

Individualized Coaching & Group Support

I learned about the benefits of weight loss surgery from a surgeon I worked with for several years. I realized it is an opportunity for a second chance at life. I actually saw the joy that replaces sadness and depression in people who felt like they would never make any progress before the surgery. I created a post-surgery support group that has now been running for ten years.

It has been a joy to support people as they change their lifestyle and commit to living healthier. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people make adjustments in their thinking and their strategy and then watching them succeed.

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