Companies and organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle benefit from increased productivity, retention and morale. Studies show that active employees feel good about themselves and their work.

Regina Densmore, a certified life coach, has been creating custom health and wellness programs for corporations, schools, hospitals and other organizations for over ten years.

Regina has a proven record of empowering employees to make healthy lifestyle changes and helping them overcome barriers to success. With Chrysalis Coaching, health programs are customized to meet the needs of each organization and range from single presentations to long-term weekly or monthly programs.

Employee Fitness

Worksite physical fitness programs can be customized by Chrysalis Coaching to achieve individual employee and corporate goals. The program can be designed to help employers implement a new health and fitness program in their workplace. Programs can be structured with a variety of physical fitness programs, health education classes, or one on one counseling and follow up contact, as requested by the client.

Occupational Health

Chrysalis Coaching works with companies to customize training that improves corporate health and safety of employees in a variety of work activities.

Nutrition and Weight Management

Chrysalis Coaching programs incorporate healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes for participants. Each employee may be provided with an individualized plan to help meet their specific goals and reduce the potential for more serious health issues in the future.

Lifestyle Coaching

Regina is a certified life coach dedicated to nutrition, exercise and behavioral change in the people she works with. Her corporate lifestyle coaching works to reduce health risk factors and improve the overall health of participants. Her unique F.I.T. method has been successful for many organizations through designing achievable goals, creating fun programs that motivate employees and addressing some of the top health concerns of individuals and organizations.

Other Programs Available

Aquatics: Sailing and Canoeing
Water Aerobics
Customized Services

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